parcellium asked:

Do you stand by the transformation of Cyrodil or would you have prefered it to stay as a tropical jungle type place?


It’s been fun retconning it and coming up with neat ideas of the “jungle as Carcosa”… but eastern Cyrodiil should have been as described in the PGE1 from the start.

nineisamagicnumber asked:

Hi Michael. What, in your opinion, is Skyrim's biggest single flaw, and why?

I wouldn’t call it a flaw, but I wanted more DLC.

And more explanation of the Dragon War. And more of the earlier draft ideas of Dragons being biological idea-eating time machines that mortals just perceived as Ye Olde Standard Dragon image.

anewmedium asked:

I really love your art style, there's a lot of vitality to it. What are your preferred instruments for illustrating concept art?

Pen directly on paper, no pencils. If you fuck up, you fuck up. I once had a period where I used old socks dipped in ink, but I got over that.

siggler asked:

So while I was dicking around on the internet, I found a page for the Dunmeri language made by fans and it got me wondering, has there ever actually been any official mention of linguistic rules for grammar or any such thing?

As far as I know, nope, except for maybe Douglass Goodall’s work with the Khajiit. Making up a true language is hard. If the Dunmeri thing’s good, I say use it.